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sigmoid adj
1 curved in two directions (like the letter S)
2 of or relating to the sigmoid flexure in the large intestine [syn: sigmoidal]

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From (sigmoeidēs) < or (sigma) "sigma" + (eidos) "form, likeness". Compare with French sigmoïde.


  • /ˈsɪg.mɔɪd/


  1. Curved in two directions, like the letter "S", or the Greek ς (sigma).
  2. In the context of "geometry|archaic": Semi-circular, like the lunar sigma (similar to English C).
  3. Relating to the sigmoid flexure of the large intestine.



  1. A function having a graph whose shape is sigmoid. See Wikipedia, Mathworld.

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Sigmoid means resembling the lower-case Greek letter sigma (ς). Specific uses include:
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